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Mykonos Gay Tourism

Of all the holiday destinations in Greece, for gay travelers Mykonos Island is perhaps the most well-known. Beautiful, magic, exciting, romantic, are adjectives commonly used to describe the experience of a visit to this cosmopolitan island.

Having a history for gay-tolerance that dates back to ancient times, the Mykonos of today truly offers nonjudgmental hospitality. Together with a number of exclusively gay hotels, beaches and bars, virtually everywhere on the island could be considered gay friendly.

With Mykonos already established as a hideaway for the rich and famous of the 50's and 60's, the arrival of the Italian artist Piero Aversa and the opening of his bar in the early 70's began a somewhat historical era for the gay community of the time.

Due to the open-mindedness of the local residents, those early days allowed the opportunity for an open celebration of the gay life style together with an unprecedented sense of freedom rarely found anywhere else in the world.

During that time incredible parties of elaborate costume and glamour were normal events. With such a thriving party atmosphere one would think loss of control would be inevitable but a sense of style and refinement was always evident.

Today in Mykonos, that celebration and sense of freedom continues. Within the realm of the gay vacationers who come to visit, a respect for the island and its history has been upheld and with it a certain sense of style and refinement remains.

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The Beach Scene

One of the things that make Mykonos such a unique vacation spot is that relative to its size it has such a large variety of beaches to choose from. Although all are worth a visit the ones that hold the most popularity for gay vacationers, especially those who want to meet others, are Super Paradise Beach and Elia Beach.

Super Paradise, the more famous of the two beaches, was up until a few years ago exclusively gay. Although still nude tolerant this beautiful bay with its deep turquoise waters has recently become extremely fashionable to straight young trend seekers. Now, only the west or right side of the beach remains gay.

More popular in recent years, the west end of Elia Beach is exclusively gay, nude tolerant and due to being one of the longest beaches on the island has more of a feeling of privacy. In contrast to Super Paradise this beach is also more quiet and laid back.

If the weather is not too windy Agios Sostis is also worth a mention. Due to it only being accessible by private vehicle or taxi this beach is generally quieter than most. Although not just gay this undeveloped beach tends to attract the kind of returning loyal Mykonos visitors who appreciate the solitude of a quiet beach. The little restaurant that does exist is worth a visit to the beach on its own.

Mykonos gay friendly hotels

The reputation of Mykonos as a gay friendly island is a plus when it comes to booking accommodation. Unless you are particularly looking for an exclusively gay hotel in Mykonos, the range of places to stay span from rooms in town to villas by the sea. In choosing accommodation it is best to consider your comfort requirements and budget foremost as you will be a welcome guest wherever you decide on. The largest selection of dining, shopping and nightlife is in the town so staying someplace central or within walking distance is the choice of most.

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Of the hotels that are exclusively gay, two with the longest established clientele and popularity are the Elysium Hotel overlooking the main town of Mykonos and the Geranium Hotel which is a little further back from town but still walking distance.

Mykonos gay nightlife | bars and clubs

On Mykonos, from the time the sun sets until it rises again in the morning, there are a large variety of cafes, bars or clubs to check out.

Depending on your preference for the evening a good starting point could be right outside your room. Most hotels offer bar and or restaurant service and often a good ambience develops around sunset time.

If you choose to hit the town for that magic hour the Little Venice area is probably the best place to head for as it looks out over the sea directly west. Here you will find Kastro Bar which is right next to the famous church Paraportiani and, in the middle of Little Venice the Montparnasse Piano Bar.

If a view is not that important for the start of the evening then just back from the Little Venice area is the newly opened Lola Bar, a good before and after dinner spot that continues into the evening.

Just up the street that is closest to the blue-roofed church on the harbor and beside Niko's Taverna is the Porto Bar. Small in size this place tends to be most popular after dinner and before the clubs.

From mid to late evening the gravitation of traffic is toward the square on the east side of the harbor just up from the taxi stand. Here you will find Pierro's Cafe and the upstairs Icarus Bar which are a cross between a bar and dance club scene. This square is the original location of Piero's Bar which opened in the early 70's.

As the evening progresses often does the popularity of Jackie'O and Babylon. These two bar-clubs are situated on the water-front at the far west side of the harbor just beyond the blue-roofed church. As they are side by side and both facing north, socializing outside can be challenging on windy evenings.

To add to the evening scene, some bars offer live entertainment that is also worth checking out. The Montparnasse Piano Bar offers nightly entertainment by professional singers who know how to work an audience. At the four bars, Pierro's, Icarus, Jackie'O and Babylon, drag shows are also staged nightly throughout the summer season.

Closing hours vary from place to place and night to night but generally bars work until 3:00 am and the bar-clubs go until 5:00 am.